New job!

I’ve been busy over the past couple of weeks looking for a new career opportunity. I had assumed it would take me some weeks, and possibly months to find my new career path. I was prepared for the worst and ready to spend the next few months on the job hunt. Turns out I was a little off in my estimation!

There are some exciting opportunities out there and the one I’ve accepted is actually one that came to me! I had always wondered if Linkedin could actually help me find meaningful employment and I’m happy to say it could, and it did! I was surprised to be contacted by a woman who found me as a member of the Seneca College Corporate Communications Alumni group about this opportunity. We had an immediate starting point since we had both completed the same post-graduate program and we had a basic understanding of what the other had “learned” in school. It gave us good conversation starters as well since we had many of the same professors.

So…….I’m excited to say that I will be starting with Premiere Executive Suites at the beginning of October! Premiere Executive Suites is Canada’s number one provider of luxury extended-stay executive suites. Funny enough, a good friend of mine, who has recently relocated to Kitchener from Toronto, is currently living in one of these suites until she moves into her new apartment in October. The person who I will be reporting to seems great. My impression from our discussions is that he is demanding in terms of reaching targets, accomplishing business objectives and setting high expectations but also very fair. I get a good vibe from him. I like being pushed and I like having high goals to work towards attaining so this excites me. Most importantly, this job will offer me great opportunities for learning and growth.

This also means that I will be moving back to TO. The job is based in Mississauga so I’m heading back to the city! I have some mixed feelings about this as it will be hard to leave Lee, the pups and our home here but I am also excited about getting back to the excitement of TO and the opportunity to be closer to some great friends. Plus, the big bonus of this job is that I will be in the office from Monday-Thursday and will be working from home on Fridays which means I will only be in the city part-time. I’d like to see it as having the best of both worlds – the city excitement during the week and my peaceful, country home for most weekends!

Life is about to change. And I like change.


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