I am once again a working woman!

So I “moved” to Toronto on Monday. Hungover from a great weekend of turkey, family, friends, a baby shower and a stag and doe, it was not the best day to move. I threw a bunch of clothes in laundry baskets, loaded up my car and landed in the city less than 12 hours before starting my new job.

Having survived day one at my new gig (and being most of the way through day 2 – hello late lunch break!), I have some inital observations:

1. This is going to be challenging. There is an overwhelming amount of information to learn to get a good grasp on the company. You can`t market something if you don`t understand it from the ground up, so I intend to spend the next couple of weeks wrapping my head around how the company operates and who the people are with whom I will be working.

2. This is going to be an amazing learning opportunity. In two days I have already learned so much – it`s unbelievable! I love when something is new and you are completely dissoriented and every second involves learning. I don`t like being too comfortable. I like to have my world always be slightly off-kilter. It prevents me from getting bored and becoming complacent. I love that right now I have no idea about anything. I love how much I have to learn.

3. This is going to be fun. So far, I get a really great vibe from the people and from the opportunity. Oh – and it doesn`t hurt that our annual conference (to which I am a mandatory attendee) just so happens to be in the Bahamas in March.

So far, so good!


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