The Past Month Or So……

Haven’t written anything in ages……so here is a quick synapses of the last month or so! All the photos were taken on my phone…I really need to buy a new camera!!


My good friend Nicole finally found her own Prince Charming who arrived to her in the form of Rob (yay!). They committed to each other in a beautiful, intimate ceremony in Wakefield, Quebec on a gorgeous autumn day. They both looked amazing and so very happy!! I could not be more thrilled for them! On a side note, they served one of the best wedding feasts I’ve ever had (scallops, foie gras, stuffed chicken, duck, creme brulee, chocolate terrine – it was delish!)! Cheers to the newlyweds!!

Rob and NicoleSuch an amazing location!This is my handsome hubby having a beer before the ceremony:


For Halloween, we once again ventured down to the Paisley Legion for the annual Halloween dance. It was a great time, as always! My friend Meg won for best female costume:

That is all hand-made out of sheet metal and chicken wire. Meg and her sister hand-painted the can and included every single detail from a real can of Coors Lite! I was incredibly impressed with both the effort and the results and was so excited when she won!

This is the pizza we made that night (homemade dough, crushed tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, lot’s of basil and aged balsamic)- it was delicious!

Random weekend

Went to see my friend Ryan’s band (Salty Radio) play at the Horseshoe. The show was awesome! The guys have a bunch of new music out and they are making some pretty rad stuff!!! If you’re in TO and they are playing a gig, you should definitely check them out!

Ryan’s wife, Jord – getting some good shots!

My other friend Meg (there are a lot special ladies named Meg in my life…..) came to TO for a night that weekend. We had drinks and dinner on Saturday night and it was great to see her as always and also great to catch up with another friend from highschool, Kayla, that I hadn’t seen in AGES!

And Paisley Meg (aka Coors Lite can) was also up to the city for the weekend:

Last weekend

I went home to Paisley after staying up in the city for the past couple of weeks. It was so nice to be home!

The sunset on my drive home was really beautiful – this photo does not do the intensity of the colour in the sky any justice…it was actually blaze red (again, I need a new camera!)

I beat Lee home from work by about 10 minutes but when I walked in the door, this was waiting for me:I think Lee missed me as much as I missed him! He is a such a good man…….

200 lbs. of black dog/our fur-kids on the kitchen floor….

I miss my family so much when I’m in the city by myself!

We also had our first Christmas this past weekend. I know it seems early but it was nice to have it before the rush starts, when we all really had time to spend together. My brother and his girlfriend (who is also named Meg) and my sister and her hubby all made the trip along with Lee and I to my Mom and Dads and we had a lovely evening! We don’t do the typical turkey dinner – this year we each picked two countries and brought a dish from those countries. Mom did the main course as broth-based fondue (one of my absolute favourite meals…slow eating and lot’s of good wine!) for the beef and the fresh venison that Lee and I brought, and delicious cheese fondue as well with great bread. Lee and I also brought appetizers in the form of coconut curry chicken phyllo wraps (India) and taco dip (Mexico – I know it’s not REALLY Mexican but everyone enjoys it and it’s Americanized Mexican!). Sis brought Argentinian soup and Italian pastries and Bro brought dijon salad (France) and lot’s of Australian wine. We ate, played Hells Bells (a card game that my family has played as long as I can remember), and imbibed in many, many bottles of wine! It was a very Merry Christmas (so merry that all the pictures I took are blurry and out of focus…haha!)!!

OK – so not so short after all….I should update more often!



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