Little bit of Twitter love….

For all you people who make fun of me for being on Twitter (AHEM – Lee!!), I would like to share the wonderfulness of it so far this week:

– I connected with two new workout buddies with whom I will be training for a sprint distance triathlon as of Monday

-was asked to join a floor hockey team by someone I met in part due to Twitter (yes I know I have zero floor hockey experience but it’s a fun league that I’m excited to join. I will learn the game, meet new people and get back involved with being a member of a “team”. Very excited!)

-made exciting dinner plans with another friend that I met through the wonder of Twitter

-made exciting lunch plans with two new friends, again that I met via Twitter

-was directed through posted links, already this week (and it’s only Tuesday!), to 32 blog posts or websites from which I learned something new about and to use within my field of work

-was directed through link posts to far too many hilarious youtube videos, blog posts, website, etc., that made me genuinely laugh out loud

-lurked in on an interesting twitterchat about online influence that has me thinking….



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  1. Hi!
    Actually. . I have also found twitter very useful for planning lessons, ideas and general inspirations for educators!! I`ve “met” teachers from all over the place. Pretty cool actually. I don’t post what I am doing every minute, I post questions!


    • Lindsay, Exactly! Sometimes I have random conversations but generally I ask questions, get answers and develop relationships with others who work in my field. Twitter is truly an amazing tool. Thanks for your comment!

      Sent from my iPhone


      • New Note:

        Rick Mercer just tweeted……
        Hello Kincardine – going for a vintage ski doo ride! I’ve got more long johns than brains.

  2. Posted by Kylie on January 5, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    Hey Jacqui — I am going to learn to Tweet.. might need help 😉 Love checking out your blog.. and may just try that too even though I’m not a writer and not one with words.. but do like trying new things.
    Miss ya and hope to see you again asap. xo


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