Spring Fever


What I love about this season:

1. Apple blossoms

2. Tulips

3. Budding trees

4. Veggie garden planning and planting

5. Ditching the treadmill for outdoor running (I’ve been snowshoeing outside but have completely avoided outdoor winter running this year – I know, I’m becoming a wimp in my old age….)

6. No longer having wear weather appropriate footwear (and being a slave to the salt and slush) and the opportunity to bust out all my favourite boots and shoes!

7. The ever-present hope (but realistic knowledge that it won’t really happen) that without snow, people in Toronto will become better drivers and my 15 min commute will truly be a 15 min commute (instead of an hour+!)

8. Start of patio season

9. Longer days

And last but not least…….

10. Spring Cleaning! Ok – that’s a complete lie. I don’t love cleaning at all but have great plans to do a MASSIVE spring clean this year. Time to get rid of all the junk I’ve been keeping “just in case” because “you never know when you might need it”. I’m streamlining our house and getting rid of all the excess!

Happy 1st day of Spring!


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