Apathy: the democratic disease….

It is time, once again, for a federal election. I have very little patience for people who complain about “having” to vote again or the cost of an election. We live in a democracy (be thankful for this!) and elections and voting are the cost of doing business.

My generation is known to be politically apathetic and far too many of my peers do not take advantage of the right to vote. It is not only a right, but also a duty. If we do not make our voices heard, it defeats the purpose of the democratic process. Please let’s work to change the impression that we just don’t care; educate yourself on the issues and where each party and your local candidates stands on them. If you feel strongly about something, find the party that holds the same stance as you and volunteer during this election. Write letters to the candidates (or Facebook or Tweet them), write letters to the editor of your local paper, talk to people in your community, attend candidate debates and events; help MAKE your issue important.  And then get out there and vote! If you absolutely cannot support anyone, show up and spoil your ballot and then get involved in politics through the local riding association for whichever party you are most akin to. Work through that channel to affect change so that next election, there will be someone you can, in confidence and good conscious, support and vote for. Each political party has a website that you can visit and inquire about volunteering and most local ridings also have websites with regional information. You can find them here:

Federal Party Websites:













Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Websites:


Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Liberals: www.brucegreyowensound.liberal.ca

The Liberal candidate (Kimberley Love): www.kimberleylove.ca


Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound NDP: www.ndp.ca/district/35026

The NDP does not currently have a candidate for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound but are working to put one in place.


Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Conservatives: They don’t seem to have a riding website.

The Conservative candidate (Larry Miller): www.larrymiller.ca


Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Greens: www.gbosgreens.ca

The Green candidate (Emma Hogbin): www.emmahogbin.com


I’ll post information on all-candidates debates as they are scheduled.

Get informed, get involved!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Nicole on March 28, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    I can’t agree with you enough Jacqui! Political views aside…it just amazes me how many people ignore issues that they don’t think effects them and their little bubble…and I think its going to be too late when many people realize what they coulda shoulda woulda done 🙂


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