Outrageous Claims and Sleight of Hand…

Larry Miller, the Conservative candidate for the riding of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, recently distributed some campaign literature. In this flyer, there is an outrageous claim that involves some creative interpretation and sleight of hand.

Mr. Miller declares that the Conservative government under Stephen Harper has reduced the Canadian deficit by $39 billion since 2006. The truth is that yes, the CPC did pay down $39 billion in debt prior to the recession but have since erased that and have racked up the deficit to a point where the federal government is now $78.1 billion dollars further in debt than when Mr. Harper took over.

As a colleague so aptly described it…..”it’s a bit like claiming praise for paying off part of your visa when you went out the next day and racked up an even bigger bill”.

Please remember to critically evaluate campaign literature. Analyse the claims made and ask questions of the candidates if something seems inaccurate.  This particular claim is not untrue but is slightly outrageous once you add in the other half of the truth.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sam Fisher on April 21, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    You’re going to vote for a man who appointed himself the leader of the liberal party? A man who wants to raise our income tax? A man who’s right hand, Bob Ray, failed miserably at running our provincial government?

    How are these guys going to run our country? All they’ve done so far is fear monger and waste our hard earned money on another useless elections. Harper has no intention of making abortion illegal, or privatizing health care- its ridiculous lies that you are believing. And if they win a minority government, what do we have to look forward too? The prospect of another election in less than a year? No thanks- this shit needs to stop


    • Thanks for your comment. I am a huge advocate of debating ideas and am grateful that there are others who have highly differing opinions than my own. I would be concerned and saddened if everyone agreed with me =)

      I am voting for a local candidate and a party who believe in: Better economic management spending discipline, competitive and affordable tax rates, innovation for the jobs of tomorrow, Youth Hiring Incentives for small and medium sized businesses Better care for our people improved Family Care and Health Care, stronger pension system, The Learning Passport and an Early Childhood Learning and Care Fund Better opportunities for our farmers and food producers including the first-ever comprehensive National Food Policy that supports farmers and local food initiatives Better stewardship of our environment permanent Home Renovation Tax Credit for improvements that bring benefits, climate change action at home and abroad

      I am voting against a man and a party who: Has steadily destroyed the values of open government and democracy in Canada Has disrespected the laws of Parliament and is the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament Has continuously lied to Parliament, our elected representatives and therefore to Canadians Has decreased funding to the arts and instead believes in funding jets, jails and corporate tax cuts

      The 1% tax cut that Harper brought in is not felt in our day-to-day lives but it is very obvious in terms of funding our social programs. I would rather our taxes be raised back up that 1% (1% that we will barely feel but that will make a HUGE impact on the amount of money available for public funding) and see funding restored to important programs, health care and education.

      Elections, while costly, are not useless. They are a fundamental part of a democracy. When the governing party loses the confidence of Parliament, an election occurs. This particular election has occurred because the Prime Minister was found in contempt of Parliament. That is a very valid reason for an election. If we want to promote democracy abroad, we need to respect and value it at home.

      I’m not believing any lies. I consider myself to be a very educated and informed voter.


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