Keeping busy…

Whoa….things have been BUSY!

These little ones have been keeping us on our toes!

It has certainly been an adventure with 8 puppies. We have had a riot watching them as they have grown and developed their own unique personalities and will miss them once they head off to their new families in the next couple of weeks.

We’ve also been busy getting started on yard and home renovations; we have quite the list and would like to get most/all of it accomplished before fall.

The List:

  • build a fence and swinging gate across our back entrance to keep the dogs contained
  • partially (or fully, depending on what kind of deals I can find and how creative I can be…) re-do kitchen (at minimum: paint, new fridge (coming today – woohooo!), new island, new knobs on cupboards, new sink and new counter-top)
  • extend the fenced-in part of our backyard (involves building a retaining wall, getting a load(s) of fill, tearing out the existing dog kennel and building a larger one, tearing down an existing fence and building a new one, planting gardens along the raised portion to match the rest)
  • dig out veggie garden and replace with new soil (currently it is full of clay and makes working it VERY difficult and more work than necessary)
  • plant veggie garden with minimal amount of veggies this year (too late for much of what I normally plant- the rain prevented us from being able to get the back-hoe into the yard earlier…)
  • replace the pipe coming from our water connection into our house
  • knock out a window and brick wall in our kitchen and install a single, full-pane door leading  to what will be our new outdoor-eating area
  • build a deck and pergola for a new outdoor-eating area
  • replace the support beams under the main part of the house
  • convert the unfinished upper back-half of our house into a master with en-suite (this involves tearing out half our (freshly re-shingled) roof to build a dormer, installation of a skylight, dry-walling, wiring, plumbing, complete installation of a bathroom (shower, sink, toilet), and construction of built-in storage in bathroom and bedroom)
  • scrap and paint all exterior window ledges (original wood and lead glass windows = lot`s of maintenance but surprisingly efficient insulation and they add a nice touch of character to the house!)
  • build bookshelves in dining room

I`m actually exhausted after even writing that list out….at least now I have it compiled in one location and can attempt to hold us accountable to this list! We have been in our home for 4 years this summer and are working on a 10-year plan to get it to exactly the way we want it. It`s beautiful and functional the way it is but once we have all our projects completed, it will truly be our dream home.

I`ll post pictures of before and after as we get rolling along.


Plans for this weekend:

  • Slowpitch tournament
  • Visit from my old roomate (long over-due – can`t wait to see her!)
  • Dad`s retirement party (yay – congrats Dad!)
  • Start the backyard renos!

Please let the sun keep shining!!!

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Momma & Max on June 15, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    I had no idea you guys had puppies!! They look adorable! And I imagine they are a handful. Plus your to-do list looks worse than mine!!! Good luck with everything, and hopefully we’ll get away from our to-do lists and get together this summer xox


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