All I want for Christmas is…acupunture?

So I found out today that there are only ten days (and a few hours) until Christmas. Ten days! Really?!? What happened to the month of December?!? Oh right…I spent it bed ridden with my back.

Speaking of which, quick update: I’m up and moving around WITHOUT my walker (yahoo!) and every day my mobility improves. While my back gets tired (sore) very quickly, I am still able to stand and walk and am slowly regaining my life. I’m working with a fantastic physiotherapist twice a week and am subjecting myself to becoming a human pin cushion weekly as well through acupuncture treatment. I don’t completely understand acupuncture (my doc tells me it stimulates the production of white blood cells where the needles are inserted which helps to strengthen the muscle and it also has something to do with the body’s energy pathways and flow -chi…) but I do know that it is working wonders for me. I first tried it during the summer, the last time I did this to my back, when a physiotherapist friend was visiting and asked if I was willing to give it a try. I went from being hunched over and unable to straighten myself to standing straight and having some extension through my back. This month, since starting treatment, I have seen massive improvements. Every single time I get up off the table I feeling significantly better. I actually think it might be magic.

Proponents of acupuncture believe that it promotes general health, relieves pain, treats infertility and migraines and treats and prevents disease.  For anyone in the area interested in giving it a try, I highly recommend Dr. Young Jin Song, Ph.D. at the Paisley Acupuncture Clinic (519-353-5221).

Now that I’m no longer bed-ridden, I am desperately scrambling to get things ready for Christmas! Today my bed returned back up the stairs and is no longer in the middle of the living room (I will miss sleeping right next to the woodstove!), which means that tomorrow is tree time (finally!)!  My orange slices are drying by the fire and tonight I’m stringing popcorn and cranberries. Pictures to come.

Ten days!! Are you ready?!?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Harmony! on December 15, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    Glad to hear you are improving! …and yes, I am a firm believer of acupuncture! It has saved me many times!

    I can smell your orange slices by the fire, and the thought of stringing popcorn and cranberries is so heartwarming! I look forward to the photos!

    Blessings, and continued healing!


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