Heartbroken but proud

Tonight’s semi-finals at the World Juniors was a re-match of last year’s gold medal game, and Canada suffered a second defeat at the hands of an aggressive Russian squad.

Russia started the scoring and at the end of the first period were up 2-0. Early in the second, Connolly scored for Canada only to see Russia respond with another three goals before the period came to a close with a score of 5-1. Russia scored first again in the third making it 6-1 and it appeared as though the results of the game were already written. The Canuck kids fought hard with a never-say-die attitude, and in a performance reminiscent of their Russian counterparts from last year’s gold medal game, they scored four unanswered goals in less than a five-minute span. With the entire nation on the edge of their seats, Canada played hard – desperate to net the equalizer. Alas, that final goal eluded them and as the buzzer sounded, you could see the heartbreak written all over the young players faces.

A win for Canada tonight would have cemented an epic comeback, but regardless of it being incomplete, the game was one for the books in the long history of Canada – Russia hockey. The Canadian boys fought with everything they had and made their country proud.

This will be the first time since 2001 that Canada has not played for the gold medal. Instead, the home squad will lace up to face Finland for the bronze medal while Russia moves on to face Sweden for the gold.

So here I sit, heartbroken but still proud of the young guys who played hard and have represented Canada well. I’ll cheer them on as they play for the bronze, confident in their ability to bring home a medal.


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