Just keep swimming…

For the first time since I hurt my back in November, I did a FULL HOUR of cardio today! I have been very frustrated in the past couple of weeks as a result of trying to do a proper workout and having to call it quits 15-20 minutes in because my back has been hurting too much to continue. Well this morning I did an entire hour of steady, continuous cardio! I finally gave up on trying to force running (the impact really was not doing much to help heal my herniated and torn discs…) and decided to hit the pool. I was a bit concerned that the twisting motion of a front crawl might hurt, but surprisingly, it didn’t at all. Breaststroke, however, did not go so well. I got two lengths into it and had to abandon that idea as the slight back extension during a breath was causing pinching and some shooting pain down my left leg. Back to the crawl and I swam for a WHOLE HOUR! I’m so ridiculously happy! The real test will be how I feel later tonight and if I’m able to get myself back into the pool again tomorrow. I’m hopeful that swimming might be my next recovery breakthrough!


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