About Me

I’m a:

  • proud auntie and big family-gal
  • political junky
  • music lover
  • local supporter
  • outdoor fanatic; camper, runner, biker, snowshoer, snowboarder, mountain climber, swimmer, etc.
  • aspiring foodie and cooking addict
  • reader of all written works
  • activist
  • life-long learner
  • animal lover

I believe in:

  • fairness and equality for all
  • kindness and generosity
  • karma
  • eating locally produced food
  • spending as much time as possible outdoors
  • traveling the world
  • being informed and taking action to leave our world a better place than when I arrived
  • caring (and I mean REALLY caring) for friends and family
  • playing with children and dogs as often as possible
  • singing at the top of my lungs
  • dancing in the rain
  • loving with all my heart
  • myself

Nihahi Ridge – Alberta, Canada

Skydiving in Queenstown, New Zealand

Summit of Temple Mountain – Alberta, Canada


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