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Wow. When I wrote yesterday’s post I was really looking at it as a way of venting and hopefully getting the message across to some people. What I wasn’t expecting was the amazing response I got from it! While no one commented in the comments section (interesting……), I received a surprising number of emails from both women and men who are faced with the same issue or have a partner who is faced with this. I am pretty comfortable with my position on this and wasn’t looking for validation but reading all your emails definitely gave me a little of that and let me know that I’m not crazy! To everyone who wrote to me – first, thank you! and second, please know that there are many, many of us who feel this way (yay – we’re not alone!)

At the end of the day you have to be true to yourself and make your life what you want it to be. Forget what society (and friends and family) believes to be the “right” path and strike out in your own direction!

The Past Month Or So……

Haven’t written anything in ages……so here is a quick synapses of the last month or so! All the photos were taken on my phone…I really need to buy a new camera!!


My good friend Nicole finally found her own Prince Charming who arrived to her in the form of Rob (yay!). They committed to each other in a beautiful, intimate ceremony in Wakefield, Quebec on a gorgeous autumn day. They both looked amazing and so very happy!! I could not be more thrilled for them! On a side note, they served one of the best wedding feasts I’ve ever had (scallops, foie gras, stuffed chicken, duck, creme brulee, chocolate terrine – it was delish!)! Cheers to the newlyweds!!

Rob and NicoleSuch an amazing location!This is my handsome hubby having a beer before the ceremony:


For Halloween, we once again ventured down to the Paisley Legion for the annual Halloween dance. It was a great time, as always! My friend Meg won for best female costume:

That is all hand-made out of sheet metal and chicken wire. Meg and her sister hand-painted the can and included every single detail from a real can of Coors Lite! I was incredibly impressed with both the effort and the results and was so excited when she won!

This is the pizza we made that night (homemade dough, crushed tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, lot’s of basil and aged balsamic)- it was delicious!

Random weekend

Went to see my friend Ryan’s band (Salty Radio) play at the Horseshoe. The show was awesome! The guys have a bunch of new music out and they are making some pretty rad stuff!!! If you’re in TO and they are playing a gig, you should definitely check them out!

Ryan’s wife, Jord – getting some good shots!

My other friend Meg (there are a lot special ladies named Meg in my life…..) came to TO for a night that weekend. We had drinks and dinner on Saturday night and it was great to see her as always and also great to catch up with another friend from highschool, Kayla, that I hadn’t seen in AGES!

And Paisley Meg (aka Coors Lite can) was also up to the city for the weekend:

Last weekend

I went home to Paisley after staying up in the city for the past couple of weeks. It was so nice to be home!

The sunset on my drive home was really beautiful – this photo does not do the intensity of the colour in the sky any justice…it was actually blaze red (again, I need a new camera!)

I beat Lee home from work by about 10 minutes but when I walked in the door, this was waiting for me:I think Lee missed me as much as I missed him! He is a such a good man…….

200 lbs. of black dog/our fur-kids on the kitchen floor….

I miss my family so much when I’m in the city by myself!

We also had our first Christmas this past weekend. I know it seems early but it was nice to have it before the rush starts, when we all really had time to spend together. My brother and his girlfriend (who is also named Meg) and my sister and her hubby all made the trip along with Lee and I to my Mom and Dads and we had a lovely evening! We don’t do the typical turkey dinner – this year we each picked two countries and brought a dish from those countries. Mom did the main course as broth-based fondue (one of my absolute favourite meals…slow eating and lot’s of good wine!) for the beef and the fresh venison that Lee and I brought, and delicious cheese fondue as well with great bread. Lee and I also brought appetizers in the form of coconut curry chicken phyllo wraps (India) and taco dip (Mexico – I know it’s not REALLY Mexican but everyone enjoys it and it’s Americanized Mexican!). Sis brought Argentinian soup and Italian pastries and Bro brought dijon salad (France) and lot’s of Australian wine. We ate, played Hells Bells (a card game that my family has played as long as I can remember), and imbibed in many, many bottles of wine! It was a very Merry Christmas (so merry that all the pictures I took are blurry and out of focus…haha!)!!

OK – so not so short after all….I should update more often!


I am once again a working woman!

So I “moved” to Toronto on Monday. Hungover from a great weekend of turkey, family, friends, a baby shower and a stag and doe, it was not the best day to move. I threw a bunch of clothes in laundry baskets, loaded up my car and landed in the city less than 12 hours before starting my new job.

Having survived day one at my new gig (and being most of the way through day 2 – hello late lunch break!), I have some inital observations:

1. This is going to be challenging. There is an overwhelming amount of information to learn to get a good grasp on the company. You can`t market something if you don`t understand it from the ground up, so I intend to spend the next couple of weeks wrapping my head around how the company operates and who the people are with whom I will be working.

2. This is going to be an amazing learning opportunity. In two days I have already learned so much – it`s unbelievable! I love when something is new and you are completely dissoriented and every second involves learning. I don`t like being too comfortable. I like to have my world always be slightly off-kilter. It prevents me from getting bored and becoming complacent. I love that right now I have no idea about anything. I love how much I have to learn.

3. This is going to be fun. So far, I get a really great vibe from the people and from the opportunity. Oh – and it doesn`t hurt that our annual conference (to which I am a mandatory attendee) just so happens to be in the Bahamas in March.

So far, so good!

New job!

I’ve been busy over the past couple of weeks looking for a new career opportunity. I had assumed it would take me some weeks, and possibly months to find my new career path. I was prepared for the worst and ready to spend the next few months on the job hunt. Turns out I was a little off in my estimation!

There are some exciting opportunities out there and the one I’ve accepted is actually one that came to me! I had always wondered if Linkedin could actually help me find meaningful employment and I’m happy to say it could, and it did! I was surprised to be contacted by a woman who found me as a member of the Seneca College Corporate Communications Alumni group about this opportunity. We had an immediate starting point since we had both completed the same post-graduate program and we had a basic understanding of what the other had “learned” in school. It gave us good conversation starters as well since we had many of the same professors.

So…….I’m excited to say that I will be starting with Premiere Executive Suites at the beginning of October! Premiere Executive Suites is Canada’s number one provider of luxury extended-stay executive suites. Funny enough, a good friend of mine, who has recently relocated to Kitchener from Toronto, is currently living in one of these suites until she moves into her new apartment in October. The person who I will be reporting to seems great. My impression from our discussions is that he is demanding in terms of reaching targets, accomplishing business objectives and setting high expectations but also very fair. I get a good vibe from him. I like being pushed and I like having high goals to work towards attaining so this excites me. Most importantly, this job will offer me great opportunities for learning and growth.

This also means that I will be moving back to TO. The job is based in Mississauga so I’m heading back to the city! I have some mixed feelings about this as it will be hard to leave Lee, the pups and our home here but I am also excited about getting back to the excitement of TO and the opportunity to be closer to some great friends. Plus, the big bonus of this job is that I will be in the office from Monday-Thursday and will be working from home on Fridays which means I will only be in the city part-time. I’d like to see it as having the best of both worlds – the city excitement during the week and my peaceful, country home for most weekends!

Life is about to change. And I like change.

A GIANT leap….

I just did something terrifying.

I’m excited beyond belief for the possibilities but also, quite frankly, terrified.

I just gave notice at my current job without having another one lined up. I really enjoy the people I work with and wish the company every success but the time has come for me to leave. See, the thing is that I’m not passionate about this job and it doesn’t particularly inspire me so I have decided to leave and go find my passion. What that is, I’m not 100% sure but I now have placed a little bit of pressure on myself to go figure it out. My greatest fear is to wake up 10 years from now and realize that I am still in the same job, still not loving it and still to scared to take a leap.

I’ve been told that you can’t always love your job and that it is possible to pursue passions on the side with the money that your job generates – I know that is the standard line and I understand it but I have to ask, why? Why can’t I love my job? Why can’t it inspire me? Why can’t I passionately believe in the work I am doing? I’m not ok with the idea of settling.

Today I start my new adventure…..

Beef Fest

This weekend, my quiet little heritage village will be invaded by thousands for the annual Beef Fest!

That’s right – I said Beef Fest. Bruce County is known for it’s beef and my village sees fit to celebrate that fact with an entire festival. There will be a beef eating competition (trust me – that is something to see – so gross and yet you can’t turn away…), a beef cook-off, a Mr. Beautiful contest, blind mud volleyball and slo-pitch tournaments, activities for the kids, a classic car show, dances, live music, beer and lot’s and lot’s of beef (I bet you could also catch a glipse of some plaid and a pair of cowboy boots or two…)

Check it out at and if you live in Bruce County – come on out to Paisley for a beefy good time!!

Finally entering the blogosphere….

I spend a lot of time online and spend enough time reading other people’s blogs. I have been very hesitant to start my own blog for a number of reasons but the top two are; #1) I don’t want to be self-indulgent – while I love reading other’s blogs about their lives, I didn’t know how well my own life would translate to a blog, #2) the maintenance – I don’t want to start a blog only to end up writing random mumbles every few months.

So – I’ve decided to get over #1 and go ahead and give it a try. I like to believe that I have some valid things to say and I know that I do some interesting things. That said, the true test will be whether others agree.

My hope for this blog is that I can help bring attention to some causes I am passionate about, share some of the fun/funny things that occur in my life and have a great forum to incite dialogue and discussion around different topics. Anyone who knows me will readily agree with the fact that I can be rather opinionated and this is a great way for me to sound off and hopefully promote dialogue on issues. 

’till next time…..