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Paradise Found!

I’ve been thinking about what’s going on for New Years Eve this year and it has me reminiscing on last years NYE which was one for the books. On a last minute decision, Lee and I, along with another couple, flew from Detroit to Ft. Lauderdale to San Jose, Costa Rica and finally to Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica.

(*The plane we took from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez via Nature Air)

Upon our arrival in Puerto Jimenez, we convinced a local to drive us out to our rented house and began the  hour+ drive down a rustic “road” (I’m not sure you can even really call it a road…) into the jungle…….

(*the road)

I cannot even begin to describe the beauty of the place. The Oso Peninsula in Costa Rica is the tropical paradise you are imagining, only better! I fell completely in love with the area and have been trying to convince Lee to pack up and move down there ever since. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like snakes so while he doesn’t mind visiting, actually living in the jungle is something he is not keen on…….

We chose this location for various reasons but the main one was that we found an amazing house for rent and decided it looked like the perfect spot to spend 10 days. We rented a private, open-air 3-bedroom home called Casa Vida Verde and I cannot imagine a more perfect crash pad for our adventure. From the moment we pulled up to the house, we felt as though we had found absolute paradise!

(*Casa Vida Verde)

The house was unbelievably gorgeous and I don’t think these pictures even begin to do it justice. We pulled up and walked around with our mouths agape. We were stunned at how cool it all was.  The furniture throughout the house was beautiful and unique and had been hand-crafted by John, who is also the caretaker of the home along with his wife Jamily (warmest, most friendly amazing people we’ve ever met on vacation. They moved there from NYC and gave us the grind. John builds furniture and surfboards. Jamily designs clothing and teaches yoga.) John crafted the dining room table from a single tree and it curves along with the contours of the tree and the base has been crafted from a piece of the trunk, cut lengthwise into three pieces so that it maintains the curvature of the tree – unbelievable craftsmanship!

(*I wish I could sleep in this bed every single night!)

The hammock room rocked the monkey (literally – BEST place to watch the monkeys put on their show!) and was a great spot to chill out and relax in the afternoon if the sun was just too much. Also great spot to lay and read a book while recovering from the evening/day before or to start into the blender drinks (since it’s steps to the kitchen!).

The kitchen was a cook’s dream! I loved it!

Our first morning, I woke up at 5:00 a.m. to what I swore was King Kong coming to get us! The Howler Monkeys start as the sun starts to rise and they are SOOOOO loud!! They make a sound unlike anything I’ve ever heard and can’t even think of the proper words to describe it. It was a great wake up call every day though – got us down to the surf nice and early to catch the morning break and made sure we didn’t miss a moment of daylight. It gets dark early in the jungle (pitch black by 5:00 p.m.). The Oso Peninsula is only 8 degrees from the equator so you get exactly 12 hours of daylight. Whenever the waves were cooperating, we spent time out surfing. This was our first time surfing and it is something I had always wanted to learn how to do and I loved it. Another thing I wish I could do every day…..

(*this is one of the locals and what I aspire to be able to do!)

The beaches in the area are beautiful and deserted (the most people we ever had to share the beach with was probably 10!) and the water was so warm!

We saw monkeys everywhere along with tons of other interesting animals, reptiles and bugs!

We spent New Years Eve at Martina’s, the local bar. It was an hour and a bit walk up the road to get there but we managed to hitch a ride in the back of a truck at about the 45 min walking mark. Food was amazing, beer was cold and the atmosphere was electric! The place was packed by midnight and the beats were pumping, the beer and tequila was flowing and the party favours were in abundance. Definitely a night to remember!

(*these were taken EARLY in the night – the camera went away when the party really got started!)

Ok – looking through these pictures as I post them, I want to go back right now!!! I’m heading home to convince my hubby we need to go back!! Maybe I can convince him we should go for my birthday in February – that would be a great gift!! haha….

Other cool things not mentioned yet:

1- 3G wireless internet in the middle of the jungle (THIS was the big push behind me deciding we should live there – I could work from the beach in the middle of nowehere!!)

2-whole house is run via solar energy. There are panels up above the house on the ridge and water is heated by the sun as well.

3- banana trees, plantain trees, mango trees everywhere = love!