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The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness

I’m getting paid to talk about “outdoor activities” and rate outdoor gear. Seriously this might be the best “job” ever!! I filled out an online survey a few weeks ago about outdoor activities and these folks contacted me and asked me to help them out.¬†Tomorrow I’ll be spending a couple hours with a consulting group, going around an outdoor equipment store and giving them my feedback on different products. At the end of the 90 minutes, they’re paying me a bunch of $$ and giving me some free products. How cool is that?

This is really perfect timing since I’m looking to buy some new classic cross-country skis and considering some new snowshoes as well. I fully intend to get back into cross-country skiing this year and since there are very few skate groomed trails around us and¬†hundreds of miles of trails that are perfect for classic skiing (ok – really for backcountry but if enough people hit the trail, it almost grooms itself into classic tracks), it’s time for some new classic skis!! The money I make tomorrow is being directly rooted into the purchase of new skis – yay!!!

I’m also considering new snowshoes because the ones I have (Atlas Elektra) are spring loaded and I find they throw a lot of snow up my back on ungroomed trails. They are fantastic on groomed trails -light, quick, good traction- but since the majority of ‘shoeing we do is on ungroomed trails, I think it’s time to find something that keeps me a little dryer. I’m looking at a few different options and am actually hoping that I might see something interesting tomorrow. Merry Christmas to me?!?