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Rapids, Waterfalls and Geothermal Wonderlands

Aratiatia Rapids – Taupo

Aratiatia Rapids releases water from the Waikato River into Lake Okahuri. Mighty River Power releases water down the rapids several times a day and people flood the bridge to watch it happen.

Aratiatia Rapids (before the dam was opened) - Taupo

Aratiatia Rapids (2 minutes after the dam was opened) - Taupo

Just down the road from Aratiatia Rapids…

Huka Falls – Taupo

Huka Falls

The geothermal area of New Zealand is interesting…you feel as though you’ve stepped into Jurassic Park!

Craters of the Moon – Taupo

Craters of the Moon - Taupo

Craters of the Moon - Taupo

Whakarewarewa Village – Rotorua

There is a village within Rotorua where a small group of Maori people still live. They guide visitors through their village (guiding is a longstanding tradition for the Maori women) and show how they have historically used the geothermal activity in the area to live (cook, bath, etc.) and still do. It was very interesting. Imagine having a natural hot spring in your backyard to use as your bath and for cooking in; electricity bills would be significantly cheaper…

Whakarewarewa Thermal Village

Hangi (earth over) where they cook meat, vegetables and pudding

Cook corn, green veggies, etc. in this pool

Wharenui (Maori meeting house)

Pohutu Geyser

Lady Knox Geyser – Rotorua

Lady Knox Geyser was discovered by some prison inmates when they were out clearing bush and decided to take a bath in the natural hot spring that runs through here. The geyser erupted when one of the inmates dropped the soap…

Lady Knox Geyser before eruption

Lady Knox Geyser - after the soap has been dropped...

Geothermal Wonderland – Rotorua

Devil's Bath

Mud Pool – Rotorua

Bubbling, spurting, gurgling mud…hilarious!

Mud Pool

We arrived on the south island yesterday by way of Wanganui, where we had spent two days on a new friend’s sheep farm. Stories and photos from our time there next time I can find unlimited internet access to upload some photos!