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Embrace the Fear

One month ago yesterday, I grew wings. On the courage of those wings, I jumped out of a plane from 15,000 feet and I flew. I felt absolute exhiliration, freedom and joy. And when I landed…the adrenaline!! Can’t even describe it but it lasted for hours and hours and even just thinking about the jump brings a bit of it back. What a rush! It was the most amazing feeling and I loved every single second of it! Since that jump, I have been dreaming of my next one…

During the 1 minute (10,000 foot) free fall, the wind is roaring past your ears and it is very loud. The second the parachute is pulled, you are surrounded by the most profound silence. Complete peace and quiet. It was actually a very serene experience (I know, you can’t fathom how jumping out of a plane could POSSIBLY be even remotely serene…but it was!).

Check out the views…honestly, absolutely breathtaking!


Flying! Well, technically falling...but I felt like I was flying!

Coming in for a landing...

Maybe this will be the next thing to try?!?!