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Beef Fest


Well, Beef Fest is done and over for yet another year. As always, it was a fantastic time filled with great people, cold beer and lot’s of beef!


Huge props to the entire organizing committee who work long hours all year to pull this weekend event off! You guys do such a great job and it’s your commitment to the event that gives us all the best weekend of the summer!

For anyone who hasn’t been out to Paisley for the August long weekend, I suggest you get here and check it out next year!

We are not defined by the actions of others

There has been a recent outbreak of crime in Paisley consisting of break and enters and vandalism to houses and cars (some are calling it graffiti, but considering the images are not in the least bit artistic and are actually quite disturbing, I will just call it vandalism). This is particularly unsettling in a small village where it is incredibly uncommon (the police officer who showed up at my door the other day said that they expect trouble in some other local communities but the department has been shocked by this spree in Paisley) and most people leave their doors unlocked. These occurrences have the entire community on edge and people have started locking their homes, garages and cars and are living in a constant state of anger about the situation and concern that their home may be next.

What saddens me the most is hearing people say that Paisley has changed. Paisley has not, in fact, changed. The people of this lovely village are being tormented by one or two jerks but the core and the heart remains the same. Paisley has a very unique sense of community, one that is rare in our day and age. People truly care about each other and are always willing to lend a hand to assist their neighbours in any way they can.

Monday afternoon I was out scraping and re-painting my front door (all the while cursing the little buggers who left me such lovely art), and three different people stopped to offer me help. I had never met a single one of these helpful souls but they stopped none-the-less. They stopped to help, not because they had nothing else to do, but because they feel that sense of community and possess great pride in this place we call home. THAT is the Paisley I know. When we moved here four years ago, we came because we thought the town was beautiful. We had no idea how much beauty truly exists here in the surroundings or in the people. We did not anticipate falling so madly in love with the town and its people. We are regularly amazed by the kindness and generosity of those in our community. We live in a very special place.

So despite the recent crimes, Paisley has not changed. We cannot allow one or two individuals to define where we live. They WILL be caught (and when they are, will have an entire town to answer to) and Paisley will truck on as one of the friendliest, and safest, places to live and visit.

Sausage making and snowshoeing…

Lee harvested a doe with his bow last week. This weekend we butchered and made sausages.


Venison, pork belly (venison is so lean, we add a little pork fat to prevent the sausage from being too dry), local garlic, local honey (from a co-worker of Lee’s), crushed tomatoes from our garden, salt and pepper.


And we did lot’s of snowshoeing. We hit the Brandt track and were the only ones out there without a sign of anyone else having been down the trails in awhile. I love being the first one to break trail! The trees were all heavy with snow and it was beautiful!

Paisley looked so lovely this weekend (as always) -like a perfect little snowglobe!

Snowed in….

Well, today is day #2 of being snowed in in Paisley! All local roads are closed and the snow just keeps coming down! The biggest problem is the high winds which are causing white-out conditions and building giant drifts in the middle of the highways.

(*home from a snowshoe in the blizzard to the warmth of the fire in the barn with a nice cold beer!)

(*into the hot tub, still in the middle of the blizzard, still drinking cold beer)


Snowshoe pictures to come once I can get them off my neighbour’s camera – it was really beautiful being the first ones down the trail. Definitely looked like Christmas!