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Two Months

I know I’ve been missing in action lately. It’s been a difficult, tumultuous, emotional past two months. On March 29th, Lee asked me for a divorce. A few weeks later I found out about his girlfriend. The details of our split are for Lee and I to know and if you care enough to know more, you can give me a call and ask me in person. But for those of you who are wondering, I’m doing well. I’m feeling strong and good and excited about the new life possibilities before me. Of course there is considerable sadness over the demise of what I thought was the great love of my life, but I am walking forward, without looking back and my legs are growing stronger with each and every step. I am making some big decisions on what my next move will be (stay tuned…) and see a beautiful world out there waiting for me to explore.

It has now been two months since my world was flipped upside down and I have begun to think of life in terms of chapters in a book. Chapter one was my childhood and chapter two was my time with Lee. I am only just beginning to write my chapter three and as any avid reader knows, no book truly gets good until chapter three. A wonderful adventure awaits me and I’m steadily moving towards it.

Through all of this, I have realized how truly lucky and blessed I am. I have the most amazing friends and family who have been right beside me. I was shattered and they saw me at my worst. They have held me up when I felt too weak, they have been my shoulders to cry on, my voices of reason, outlets for my anger and frustration, my drinking partners, beach buddies, willing listeners and have patiently been helping to put me back together again. I am surrounded by loving, beautiful people and could not be more grateful for all of them. When you hit the bottom you realize who the true people in your life are and I have been astounded and overjoyed by how many true people I have. You all mean more to me than I could ever express. Thank you. xo